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QUADROX-i is the world’s smallest oxygenator with an integrated arterial filter.* Low priming volume is extremely important for maintaining the lowest possible level of hemodilution, especially in neonates and children, who place the highest demands on oxygenators. With this in mind, MAQUET's QUADROX-i Neonatal and Pediatric oxygenators were designed to offer a wide flow range, high gas exchange rates and low blood side flow resistance.

Additionally, the integrated arterial filters with their separate pre- and post-filter de-airing systems are easy to use and ensure greater patient safety during surgery.

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Progressive technology combined with a unique design:

  • High blood flow rates up to 1.5 and 2.8 l/min
  • Very low priming volumes of 38 and 99 ml; the QUADROX-i Neonatal is the smallest oxygenator-filter combination currently available
  • High performance polyurethane hollow fibers for fast and efficient heat exchange
  • Fast blood temperature adjustment
  • Optional integration of the arterial filter saves priming volume
  • Biocompatibility; QUADROX-i Neonatal and Pediatric Oxygenators come with the optimized surface refinement, i.e., SOFTLINE Coating. Heparin-based BIOLINE Coating is optionally available.

Innovative design without compromise:

  • The special cone-shaped reservoirs provide excellent venous air separation as well as a calm blood level, even at high blood flow rates and low blood volumes
  • Products are completely DEHP-free
  • New defoamers prevent silicone wash-out
Technical Data OxygenatorsQUADROX-i NeonatalQUADROX-i Pediatric
Maximum blood flow rate 1.5 l/min 2.8 l/min
Static priming volume 38 ml 81 ml
Static priming volume incl. arterial filter 40 ml 99 ml
Filter pore size 33 μm 33 μm
Surface gas transfer fibers 0.38 m² 0.8 m²
Heat exchanger surface area 0.07 m² 0.15 m²
Inlet and outlet size 1/4", can be reduced to 3/16" 1/4"
Microporous fiber material Polypropylene Polypropylene
Heat exchanger fiber material Polyurethane Polyurethane
Technical Data OxygenatorsVHK 11000VHK 31000
Capacity 800 ml 1700 ml
Cardiotomy filters Volume filter: 40 μm 
Screen filter: 33 μm
Volume filter: 40 μm
Screen filter: 40 μm
Venous filter 64 μm 64 μm
Venous inlet and outlet 1/4", can be reduced to 3/16" Inlet: 3/8", Outlet: 1/4"
Suction connections 3 x 1/4" 
3 x 3/16"
4 x 1/4"
Luer lock venous 1 + 1 flexible 1 + 1 flexible
Minimal operating volume 15 ml 30 ml


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