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The MODUEVO range of ceiling supply units can be deployed in a wide variety of hospital environments: operating rooms, intensive care units, emergency departments and more.

It improves access to patients – while ensuring vital equipment and utilities are always on hand. High load capacity up to 350 kg, 330-degree rotation, and user-friendly positioning mean MODUEVO units accommodate diverse surgical disciplines, room configurations, and staff preferences.

A wide choice of accessories underscore MODUEVO’s exceptional flexibility, modularity and customization options.

Future-proof flexibility MODUEVO

There is a choice of modules and arms. And a choice of components and accessories, that can easily be added, moved, and subtracted as desired. Moreover, this design approach allows each configuration to evolve in line with the hospital’s daily challenges.


Unprecedented versatility

MODUEVO delivers great versatility with its  Ergonomic Positioning (EPoS) System. Components and accessories – even those requiring a power supply – can be added and removed in line with changing needs.


Excellent ergonomics

The unique Grab & Move handle breaks new ground in terms of intuitive positioning. When grasped, its capacitive sensing technology releases the unit’s brakes. This enables staff to intuitively move the pendant to the desired position simply, with one hand and minimal physical effort.


Outstanding maneuverability

The MODUEVO range offers a choice of mechanical and electro-magnetic brakes. Each option delivers first-rate safety, precision and liability.


Improved safety and efficiency MODUEVO

The seamless finish accentuates the portfolio’s state-of-the-art design. And the benefits go beyond the surface: with fully enclosed cables and no exposed screws, rubber, or sharp edges, the unit is much easier to clean, helping to reduce the risk of nosocomial infections. Additionally, the cable management system is an effective approach to increase safety, raise efficiency and improve access to instruments and patients.

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