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MAQUET FLOW-i® brings advanced ICU ventilator performance and anesthesia delivery together in one patient-friendly unit.

Representing the latest standard in anesthesia, FLOW-i enables clinicians to continuously adapt and improve anesthesia care to match the situation at hand while maintaining stable respiratory conditions.

FLOW-i can be used across the widest range of patient groups, including those with acute respiratory demands and pediatric patients.

Modular and ergonomic, FLOW-i is a flexible, adaptable and upgradeable system. Ease of use and training contribute to more efficient use of hospital resources.

Please note, the product may be pending regulatory approvals to be marketed in your country. Contact your Maquet representative for more information.

FLOW-i comes in three models depending on your needs. All models feature a rotatable arm for flexible screen positioning, tiltable screens to allow for maximized screen visibility and vertical and horizontal rails for auxiliary equipment.

Performance When You Need it Most

Hospitals are increasingly facing  changing patient demographics and a growing number of complex procedures. High-risk patient categories — obese, elderly, critically ill and patients with other co-morbidity issues – present increasing challenges and a growing number of complex procedures. With these changes come the need for relevant, effective care strategies.

More high-risk patients with special needs lead to more complex situations for the anesthesiologist. Advanced ventilation support during anesthesia is becoming increasingly relevant to avoid perioperative ventilatory complications and possible longer recovery time in the ICU. 

These changes, in turn, necessitate relevant and effective care strategies. For example, in order to avoid perioperative ventilatory complications and possibly longer recovery time in the ICU, it is becoming increasingly important to offer advanced ventilation support during anesthesia.

MAQUET FLOW-i® brings together comprehensive high performance ventilation capabilities with modern anesthesia delivery features, ease of use and future upgradability, FLOW-i aims to enhance the perioperative care of high risk and common patient categories alike, now and in the future.

Optimizing Ventilatory Performance

Offering the best possible anesthesia care to high risk patients means avoiding a worsening of the patient’s respiratory condition during surgery, minimizing post-operative pulmonary complications and ensuring maximum patient safety at all times.

FLOW-i is based on the SERVO ICU ventilation platform. FLOW-i  combines high ventilation capabilities with modern anesthesia delivery features, thus enhancing the perioperative care of high risk and common patient categories alike.

This gives clinicians advanced ventilation performance when it is needed most, i.e. for high risk patients, while allowing all patients to benefit from optimized perioperative ventilatory support and continuity of care between the ICU and the OR.

One of these features is the MAQUET VOLUME REFLECTOR® technology.

How does the VOLUME REFLECTOR work?

The VOLUME REFLECTOR is a re-breathing device. It has a volume of 1.2 liters with no moving parts and is open at both ends.

The exhaled gas mixture from the patient is introduced at one end of the VOLUME REFLECTOR. During automatic ventilation, the stored gas mixture in the VOLUME REFLECTOR is returned to the patient by applying a flow of oxygen from the reflector gas module. The design ensures minimal mixing between the exhaled gas and the oxygen in the VOLUME REFLECTOR.

The amount of exhaled gas returning to the patient via the CO2 absorber is determined by the ratio between the minute volume and the set fresh gas flow. In case of a leakage from the breathing circuit, during automatic ventilation, the oxygen powered VOLUME REFLECTOR automatically compensates the circle system with oxygen. The VOLUME REFLECTOR cannot be emptied, thus guaranteeing continuous uninterrupted ventilation.

However, FLOW-i is a traditional semi-closed system, and thus it is necessary to set a raised oxygen concentration in the fresh gas line to get a desired oxygen concentration at the Y-piece during low flow anesthesia.

Flow-i: Designed From a Clinical, Hands-on Perspective

FLOW-i adapts to you and the current OR situation. Ventilation settings can be preset to facilitate switching from manual to automatic ventilation. Moreover, it is easy to reposition the FLOW-i as your own work situation changes during a procedure. FLOW-i is designed to support staff by being easy to understand and ergonomical to use, even in demanding circumstances. FLOW-i is safe and easy to maneuver thanks to its low weight, sturdy, easy-rolling wheels and stable, ergonomic handles. FLOW-i is also easy and intuitive to use thanks to an ergonomic and uncluttered interface that minimizes the risk of information overload. Staff are guided through the System check-out procedure with images and clear instructions, and it includes an automatic vaporizer check.

Managing anesthetic agents through the user interface is easy. The lightweight, electronic 300 ml vaporizers contains more than a whole bottle of anesthetic agent, and are easy to change and refill, even during the operation of FLOW-i.

Managing the Product Life Cycle

To support a round the clock operation schedule with minimal disruption, FLOW-i has a robust hardware design with only a few parts  handled by the user. Since FLOW-i is easy and intuitive to use, you may find yourself spending less time addressing unnecessary and time-consuming user-induced errors.

From a life cycle perspective, it is important to note that FLOW-i is based on a modern platform and the very latest technology. It offers the same successful upgrading concept as SERVO-i, which has enabled hospitals to take advantage of a number of upgrades, offering new innovative clinical capabilities like Neurally Adjusted Ventilatory Assist (NAVA®).

With MAQUET MCare®, our worldwide service concept, you can achieve optimum performance and maximize the value of your FLOW-i. MCare offers complete flexibility with a variety of services to meet your needs throughout the life cycle of your equipment. Maquet recognizes that different hospitals have different strategies for system maintenance and have developed four MCare packages to adapt to and support a wide range of maintenance scenarios, from full in-house service to complete outsourcing of biomed services.

For more information about MCare, please contact your local Maquet representative.

A Whole Solution

One of the advantages of FLOW-i is the flexibility it offers when addressing both current and future potential needs. Configure your main unit by choosing from the high quality options we provide in cooperation with trusted partners.

Cost management with service flexibility.

The MCare service concept secures the product life cycle reliability and gives you an enhanced cost predictability. MCare will help you keep FLOW-i available, updated, upgraded and used in the most efficient manner.

MPowering our customers with tailored services.

MAQUET MCare offers complete flexibility with a variety of services to meet your needs. Through MCare we provide all services needed throughout the lifecycle of your equipment. MCare is our worldwide service concept. No matter what MCare solution you choose, our global network ensures high-quality services for your Maquet products. Achieve optimum performance and maximize the value of your investment through:

  • MCare Preventive
  • MCare Plus
  • MCare Professional
  • MCare Partner  

FLOW-i Connectivity

Daily medical work is dependent on various types of information. Today, information and communication technology plays a major role in many areas of healthcare, whenever there is a need to capture, store and exchange information between different medical devices.

Data Interface

The FLOW-i communication interface (FCI), is based on an open protocol, enabling the anesthesia delivery system to integrate with various medical systems in the hospital.
The protocol is developed from the well-known CIE protocol for SERVO-i, the Maquet ICU ventilator, which means it has been extensively tested, used and implemented by many suppliers. The FCI communication protocol between the FLOW-i and an external patient monitor or computer system is specified in the FCI reference manual. Please contact for more information.

Mechanical Interface

Different types of patient monitors require different adapter plates, depending on the device. Maquet offers the necessary mechanical adapters for major patient monitor suppliers. The list of adapters evolves constantly to support new models and manufacturers. Please contact your local sales representative for the latest updated list.

How to order

To place an order or learn more about any of the Maquet products, related accessories, or therapeutic solutions, please contact your local sales representative.