Modular, versatile and extremely stable

ALPHASTAR PRO is known for its exceptional column stability, the versatility of the table top, and the low-level version for operations carried out from the seated position. The motorized leg plate mounting point enhances flexibility and makes the lives of the operating team easier.

  • Stable operating table enables a safe and precise workplace
  • Easy and ergonomic positioning of the patient thanks to a motorized leg plate interface
  • An extension plate on the foot side allows good radiolucency in urology
  • Allows for various shoulder and CFC accessories

Universally applicable

ALPHASTAR PRO can be deployed for all surgical disciplines. It offers the best conditions for working comfort with height adjustments, motor-adjustable leg plates and its narrow column foot for ease of access.

Height Adjustability

Two versions for maximum user comfort in sitting and standing positions are available:

  • Normal version: 685 to 1120 mm (27 to 44 in)
  • Low version: 598 to 950 mm (23.5 to 37 in)

Maximum Modularity

Uniform mounting point geometry means that ALPHASTAR PRO offers the ideal prerequisites for a wide range of positioning options.

Easy Click for Quick Changes

ALPHASTAR PRO can be easily and comfortably adapted to a wide variety of surgical tasks and patient heights using the Easy Click mounting point and a broad range of socket-mounted modules.

SFC Padding

Multi-layer SFC padding (80 mm / 3.15 in) offers patients significantly greater comfort and supports decubitus prevention.

Backlit Hand Control

A backlit keypad and self-explanatory icons make working in a darkened MIS theater more intuitive.

Patient Positioning with ALPHASTAR PRO

The ALPHASTAR PRO mobile operating table offers ideal patient positioning in all surgical disciplines. The following examples show different possibilities for using normal and reverse positioning.

Gynecology and Urology

The integrated combination of motor-adjustable leg plates and knee crutches offers simple, anatomically correct patient positioning for gynecological and urological procedures.


The ALPHASTAR PRO has excellent patient padding in FLEX position for nephrectomy.


Beach chair position with TRIMANO 3D support arm for operations of the shoulder and upper arm.

Spinal Surgery

In the prone position with the spine positioning device, surgeons have maximum stability, optimum a-p and 360° radioscopy of the spine.

Adiposity Surgery

Patients can be correctly positioned for laparoscopic adiposity surgery. Maximum permitted weight: 270 kg / 595 lbs.

How to order

To place an order or learn more about any of the Maquet products, related accessories, or therapeutic solutions, please contact your local sales representative.