Getinge Group Provides Advanced Hospital Products and Technology to Baptist Health for New State-of-the-art Medical Center Near Little Rock


October 11, 2016 - Wayne, N.J. – Getinge Group, a leading global provider of products and systems that contribute to quality enhancement and cost efficiency within healthcare and life sciences, today announced that its FLOW-i C40 MLift ceiling-mounted pendant anesthesia machine has been installed for the first time in the United States at Baptist Health Medical Center-Conway, a new state-of-the-art medical center in Conway, Arkansas, that recently opened. Baptist Health, the largest healthcare provider in Arkansas, purchased these advanced anesthesia machines for its new hospital as part of a $3.5 million deal that included other hospital products, equipment and advanced technology from Getinge Group’s three brands: Maquet, ArjoHuntleigh and Getinge.

Baptist Health, which has eight hospitals in its system, opened Baptist Health Medical Center-Conway in order to expand its services to meet the needs of the growing community. Located 30 miles from Little Rock, this 260,000 square-foot hospital has 111 beds, eight operating rooms (ORs), and a Level III trauma-center emergency room (ER).

“In selecting anesthesia machines for our new medical center in Conway, we chose the FLOW-i C40 MLift because it provides an ideal solution to some of the key needs and issues we’ve faced. For example, with its ceiling-mounted pendant design, it may help ensure a safer treatment environment for both patients and staff. Because the machine hangs from the ceiling, it may help minimize infection risks and tripping hazards that occur when gas hoses and electrical cables drag on the floor,” said Thomas Alfano, M.D., anesthesiologist at Baptist Health Medical Center-Conway. “Baptist has been using Getinge Group’s operating tables, surgical lights, booms and other equipment at our main hospital in Little Rock for several years and has been extremely pleased with their quality and performance. We look forward to continuing this collaboration as we have found that partnering with a single supplier is efficient and cost-effective, saving our staff significant time and resources.”

Baptist Health Medical Center-Conway purchased a number of products from Getinge Group’s Surgical Workflows, Acute Care Therapies, and Patient and Post-Acute Care business category units, including 14 Maquet brand FLOW-i C40 and C20 anesthesia delivery systems. The deal also included the ALPHAMAXX and ALPHASTAR PRO operating tables, POWERLED surgical lights, LUCEA surgical lights, booms, the TEGRIS control center for OR integration, and infection control sterilizers and washers.

Because the FLOW-i C40 MLift mounted anesthesia machine is mounted on a ceiling supply unit, it may help improve infection control by allowing electrical cables, which collect bacteria and other microbes, to be moved off the floor and out of the way. It also enables clinicians to continuously adapt and improve anesthesia care to match the clinical situation while maintaining stable ergonomic respiratory conditions. This anesthesia system incorporates advanced ventilation technology based on the Maquet SERVO ventilator platform and has a re-breathing device, the Maquet VOLUME REFLECTOR, that replaces traditional breathing circuits (such as bag-in-bottle, piston and turbine re-breathing systems) and provides additional security for the patient. The FLOW-i C40 can be used across a wide range of patients for ventilation – from neonates to morbidly obese patients.

“In 2015, we transformed our business to address the changing healthcare environment and meet our customers’ evolving needs for high-quality hospital products. With the integration of our three brands into a single entity, we can provide hospitals and health systems with a comprehensive offering of best-in-class products,” said Raoul Quintero, President of the Americas at Getinge Group. “We are excited that Baptist Health Medical Center-Conway has installed the first FLOW-i C40 anesthesia machine in the country. By providing Baptist Health with a single solution for its OR, ER, and labor and delivery departments, we are helping ensure that its healthcare providers can deliver the best care possible to patients.”

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