Medical Excellence since 1838

Every day, around 700.000 people worldwide undergo a surgical procedure. One third of these interventions are performed on MAQUET OR tables. Today, MAQUET is all around you. It is the walls of the operating theater; the portable life support machine or the OR integration solution, an all-in-one control center for the Hybrid OR.

When the company was established in 1838, anesthetics and hand washing were not yet a regular part of medical care, and Samuel Morse was working on the final details of his electric telegraph. As medicine has evolved over the past decades - so too has MAQUET: from a mid-sized OR table manufacturer to a world-leading provider of comprehensive therapeutic solutions.

The company's unique history of surgical innovations has direct links with the rapid development in medical research and surgery. Since its foundation, clinics all over the world trusted in MAQUET products and later in its solutions. By the end of the 19th century, MAQUET had been honored with 36 international awards for its outstanding achievements. Rapid developments followed in the areas of surgical infrastructure and solutions for ventilation, cardiovascular surgery or anesthesia. During the next decades, the product range was expanded and the company developed a global presence of about 45 sales companies and a network of over 300 retailers, service organizations and partners. In 1999 the company established its first Academy, one out of five worldwide today. These unique international training and development centers also serve as conference locations for industry, medicine and research.