Our Core Values

Our core values combine Passion with Collaboration, Openness, Excellence and Ownership. These values are necessary to meet future challenges and demands and in new markets, with new customer groups and new ways of doing business.

Our values are about people. They reflect how we are perceived by external stakeholders — customers, patients, caregivers, suppliers and shareholders — but they also reflect how we feel about ourselves as employees. Our commitment to people is at the heart of everything we do.


Passion is enthusiasm for improving outcomes for others.

Passion is at the center of our Core Values. It takes a special person to change the world we live in. Getinge Group employees truly care for our customers and the patients that they serve. Our passion is rooted in a desire to improve the health and wellbeing of others. We contribute in obvious ways through our live-saving products and services, but also through our commitment to environmental sustainability. We are passionately committed to improving the world for all its inhabitants, today and tomorrow.


Collaboration is working together to encourage positive outcomes.

Open communication and shared best practices will enhance collaboration. By sharing successful models, we can build interdepartmental bridges that streamline internal workflow and reduce instances of “reinventing the wheel.” Collaborative, thoughtful input from colleagues will help us to overcome obstacles, work more efficiently, and improve outcomes for our customers and their patients.


Openness is the foundation of a feedback culture respectfully listening to every contribution.

We are receptive to new ideas. We strive to establish a culture of openness and feedback wherein we listen to and respect others’ contributions. We encourage transparent and authentic communication from every individual, from new hires to executive management. This allows us to build trust throughout the organization, fostering an environment of cooperation and collaboration.


Excellence is a commitment to best-in-class products, people and processes.

Excellence is a cultural phenomenon based on leadership, mentorship, teamwork and processes that set the foundation for high quality, best-in-class products and services. It is a team effort, and can’t be achieved alone. We welcome new ideas and encourage mentoring of new employees. We invest in innovation, clinical proof, and strong relationships with key opinion leaders (KOL) to identify unmet clinical needs. Only by investing in these best practices can we truly earn our customers’ trust as a market leader.


Ownership is a proactive effort, being empowered to make important decisions.

A chain is only as strong as its weakest link. We are committed to working together in a culture of collaboration and openness, but our success requires each individual to actively take ownership of important decisions. It is our responsibility to use our personal integrity, ethics and morals to each decision that we make. When we take ownership of our part, we come together as a stronger whole to ensure the best outcomes for customers and patients.