EVH Heroes

Getinge Group, with the Association of Physician Assistants in Cardiovascular Surgery (APACVS), is recognizing all the talented professionals that have contributed to EVH over the past 20 years with a new campaign called “Harvesting Heroes.” We are asking you to nominate your peers who are making a difference, whether it be a physician assistant, nurse practitioner, surgical or medical assistant. We want to highlight your commitment to EVH while also recognizing all your work outside of the OR, such as volunteering for a cause. For each nomination, Getinge Group will donate $20 to the American Heart Association.

Our Current Harvesting Heroes

Damon Denzin, PA-C

PA-C, Colleague

Damon is the cornerstone to the education of EVH. He started with EVH in its infancy and has been a crucial mentor and educator to not only myself but 100s of PAs and MDs across the world. After so many years his patience with new harvesters is incredible. He brings a calmly presence into the OR that allows a inexperienced harvester to relax and yet he is is so efficient that the surgeon calms knowing that conduit will not be a problem. He is always trying new techniques, ready studies and doing whatever he can to make outcomes even better and patient satisfaction the best it can be! I can’t brag enough about my mentor, friend and colleague- Damon Denzin, PA-C chief PA at Wellstar Kennestone hospital in Marietta, Ga.

PA-C, WellStar Kennestone Hospital

Damon is the Chief PA-C at WellStar Kennestone Hospital and has been a preceptor for Maquet for many years. He has traveled internationally with Maquet and continues to be one of the top trainers we have. Damon also serves with The National Guard and donates his time to Mission Trips. Damon is a past employee of Emory and we are very fortunate to have him as one of our partners!

James Mangerson, Physician Assistant

Physician Assistant    ProHealth Care/Indiana University Health Physicians

James is the Physician Assistant Team Lead and is an amazing provider. He is a natural teacher who has taught me how to perform EVH. He is smooth and quick to watch during his EVH and is very attentive to detail. He works incredibly hard and long hours in the hospital and at home to help the team learn and run smoothly. Myself and the team would certainly not operate with James as our rock and that being said he is a Harvesting Hero and should be recognized for his excellence.

Jeffrey Bulger, PAC

PAC, St Josephs Hospital

Have worked with Jeff for 7 years now, he is constently developing inovative ideas on harvesting as well as new techniques to further develop EVH it would take to much typing to put it all down on paper. We have partnered on speaking events with Maquet and he has been very well received with high satisfaction rating from peers and Maquet staff.

Always ready to help and to teach, he is part of the Maquet Ambassador program and has specifically been ask to Germany to teach endoloop of which he is an expert.

It is very hard to not name others as I feel we are all EVH Heros.

Thank you for all your support and fantastic products

Fred Gerleman, CV PA-C

CV PA-C, BJC Missouri Baptist Medical Center

A fabulous teacher who specializes in radials! Always willing to take time to teach someone his skills as well as take time to further educate himself at all times.

Alicia Johnson, CFA

CFA, Baptist Louisville

Alicia has specialized in CT surgery since 2002. In that time she has performed over 2000 cases. She is a dedicated assistant & is an advocate of EVH. She has use a number of different devices and today stands by the technology of Hemopro and has trained many HCPs with this device. In her spare time she loves to travel and spend time with her family.

John Lee, PA-C


John is an original pioneer with EVH. He has amassed one of the most complete databases in existence today.

Nan Lambert, PA-C


Nan is one of the original innovators with EVH. She continues to influence today.

Lisa Torello, PA-C

PA-C, Retired

Lisa is an early master of EVH, inspiring many PA’s to learn a new technique.

Jerene Bitondo, PA-C


Jerene is one of the original practitioners of EVH. She continues to innovate.