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The comprehensive service offering MCare ensures that your products function at their peak performance throughout their lifecycle. This modular offering goes beyond genuine Maquet service parts and full service contracts. Unique online services and ongoing equipment upgrades complement classical training, service and maintenance offerings to suit your needs in the most efficient way.

MCare Services, built on a foundation of 5 core values

Genuine Maquet Parts

Preventive Maintenance and Service performed by Maquet Certified Service Engineers using only genuine Maquet parts.

24/7 Online Availability

MCare, MCare Portal and MCare Remote Services offer customers direct online access to a wide range of value added services.

Training & E-learning

Maquet offers both classroom training and e-learning sessions. For recertification, e-learning is quite a standard at Maquet: this gives our customers the lead on the pace and time to renew their certificates.

Upgrades & Product Enhancements

Customers can expand with Maquet as needs change through upgrades and product enhancements.

MCare Cost Control

Better cost predictability, simplified administration and improved budget planning while using the services from MCare.

MCare Agreements

All the above can be included in the MCare agreement. There are 4 different MCare solutions which can be tailored to meet your specific needs:

The flexibility of the different MCare offerings

MCareMCare PreventiveMCare PlusMCare ProfessionalMCare Partner
MCare Portal
User training
Telephone support
Maintenance kits
Preventive service  
Corrective service    
Selected spare parts   ()  
Selected consumables     ()
Technical training      

Additional options

  • Emergency back-up
  • Upgrades
  • Quality check
  • Consumables discount
  • Software options discount
  • Accessories discount
  • MCare Remote Service
  • E-learning technical
  • E-learning user

Variations in the offering may occur depending on your country. Please consult your local Maquet representative.

MCare Remote Services

MCare Remote Services provides fast and environmental friendly service and it gives you:

  • Rapid Response 
  • Maximized Product Uptime
  • Increased Productivity 
  • Log files and usage data per device via the MCare Portal

The data from the systems are uploaded in a secured way, via Internet to a Maquet server and thereafter presented to the user on the MCare Portal.

MCare Remote Services saves time and money when service calls can be handled directly via the phone. This facilitates the service engineers to bring the correct service parts to resolve the issue in an efficient manner.

MCare Additional Values

Upgrades & Product Enhancements

Access to regular technology upgrades, as they are available. This will keep your equipment at the highest performance level over the full product lifecycle.

Emergency Back-Up

Peace of mind of knowing you will have use of a loaner or rental product in the event your Maquet equipment is unavailable for an extended period.

Technical Training & Certification

Included optionally in your MCare agreement to certify your service staff enabling your hospital to perform repairs and maintenance services. This option covers the cost of training, certification and re-certification at the required interval if the MCare agreement is still active.

Quality Check

Designed to assure the performance of all equipment parameters, including alarms, electrical safety and feature availability. It may even include other less tangible assessments, such as the validity of the user manual. Specific tests vary depending on your region.