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The Vent Catheters serve to relieve the muscles in the left ventricle by means of liquid draining thus preventing hyperextension of the left ventricle during cardiopulmonary bypass

All Maquet Vent Catheters are made of flexible, biocompatible PVC. Depth markings help in the correct positioning of the catheters. The Maquet Vent Catheters feature multiple perforation profiles with or without a central opening for effective drainage.
Our vent catheters are available in a wide range of models, with ¼" or 3/16" connector:

•    Multiple perforation profiles with and without a central opening
•    various sizes for pediatric and adult applications
•    versions with pre-bent tip at 45°
•    versions with integrated, malleable stylet to facilitate insertion
•    versions  with malleable body to facilitate positioning
•    versions with various tube hardnesses
•    versions with vacuum valve to prevent impingement on endocardial tissue


How to order

To place an order or learn more about any of the Maquet products, related accessories, or therapeutic solutions, please contact your local sales representative. 

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