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MSync transfers complex clinical data from your Maquet point-of-care devices and translates it to Health Level Seven (HL7). The data is added into your Patient Data Management System (PDMS). All information transfers are complete, safe and can occur within the hospitals firewalls. MSync is Maquet´s own solution for data transfer, no need for third party systems.

MSync is available for:

  • MAQUET FLOW-i® anesthesia systems
  • The SERVO ventilator family

MSync data transfer:

  • Patient data for selected patients
  • Real-time clinical data

The MSync system transfers patient data information from your Maquet point-of-care devices to the PDMS. MSync imports real-time clinical data from your device by using its respective communication protocol. It then converts this information to HL7 compliant data, by exporting the point of care data into a HL7 format; it is thereafter transferred to the PDMS.

MSync consists of the MSync box, RS232 cord, a mains power cord with a power supply unit, and a mounting kit, and utilizes the Local Area Network (LAN) to transfer information between Maquet medical devices and PDMS.

MSync flowchart

MSync is designed to address key security concerns:

•    User access is in the hands of the hospital’s IT department
•    All data transfer occurs within firewalls of the hospital
•    Maintain integrity of net¬work security
•    Conceal data from unauthorized access
•    Ensure authentication of system users

IHE Integration Statement for MSync

The Integration Statement, issued by Integrating the Healthcare Enterprise (IHE), describes how Maquet’s product MSync conforms to the IHE Technical Framework. The Integration Statement is an aid to determine what level of integration MSync supports with other systems and what clinical and operational benefits such integration provides.

Download the IHE Integration Statement for MSync...

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