We offer an educational portfolio at all levels of proficiency.

Sharing knowledge is a key factor to getting the most out of your investment in Maquet products. Therefore the Maquet education programs range from basic product training courses to advanced workshops and symposia where Maquet can help the clinician to stay updated on the latest methodologies and best practices. By providing interactivity between product knowledge and the patient environment our education programs help you achieve maximum efficiency in your daily workflow.

Application/Clinical Training

Our application training courses are intended for clinical users and provide a viable way to build expertise and experience. This helps the user to obtain high performance from the product in its clinical environment.

Service Training

Maquet offers a complete range of service training programs for all its systems and products. These programs give hospital technicians and engineers a good understanding of product functionalities, leading to successful maintenance and servicing in close partnership with the Maquet global service organization.

Product Training

Our product training courses provide a good mastery of product functionalities and clinical benefits to ensure optimal utilization of the equipment's capabilities.