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Haemodynamic Monitoring at the highest level

  • The PiCCO technology combines arterial pulse contour analysis using the innovative PiCCO algorithm with precise calibration via transpulmonary thermodilution
  • Arterial access via femoral, brachial and axillary artery
  • Application in children / paediatrics with special 3 french PiCCO catheter possible


  PiCCO2 monitor
PulsioFlex PiCCO2

The medical device is CE marked according to Directive 93/42/EEC.

PiCCO Catheter

The best and safest way of using the technology is to use the complete kit.

These consist of:

  • PiCCO-Catheter with Seldinger insertion instruments, guide wire, canula, dilatator and
  • PiCCO-Monitoring Kit with injectate sensor housing and pressure transducer

Application and Details

Article number  

Adults A. femoralis (Standard Kit) Ø 5F, length 20 cm        

6885060 PVPK2015L20-A

Adults A. brachialis cubital Ø 4F, length 22 cm

6885058 PVPK2014L22-A

Adults A. brachialis proximal Ø 4F, length 16 cm

6885057 PVPK2014L16-A

Adults A. axillaris Ø 4F, length 8 cm

6885056 PVPK2014L08-A

Children/infants A. femoralis  Ø 3F, length 7 cm

6885055 PVPK2013L07-A

Adults A. radialis  Ø 4F, length 50 cm

6885059 PVPK2014L50-A

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