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INTERGARD Heparin grafts have a coating of heparin applied to the inner layer of the graft fabric. The benefits of using an INTERGARD heparin coated graft was demonstrated in a prospective, randomized clinical trial demonstrated significantly higher patency rates and significantly lower amputation rates compared with PTFE1. INTERGARD Heparin grafts are available in knitted and ultra-thin configurations, offering the advantages of heparin for a variety of vascular procedures.

Made of collagen-coated heparin bonded polyester, INTERGARD Heparin grafts are available in Knitted and UltraThin configurations, offering the advantages of heparin for a variety of vascular procedures.

A unique drug/device combination, INTERGARD Heparin has several advantages:

  • Proprietary heparin-bonding process designed to allow the antithrombotic and antiproliferative properties of biologically active heparin to be available locally at the graft surface
  • Higher patency rates compared to PTFE1
  • Significantly lower amputation rates than PTFE1
  • Validated for intended use with rifampicin loading

[1] Devine C, McCollum C; North West Femoro-Popliteal Trial Participants. Heparin-bonded Dacron or polytetrafluorethylene for femoropopliteal bypass: Five-year results of a prospective randomized multicenter clinical trial. J Vasc Surg. 2004 Nov;40(5):924-931.

  • Material
    • Collagen-coated heparin-bonded polyester graft
    • Available in Knitted and UltraThin configurations
    • Water permeability: ≤ 5 mL . cm-2. min-1
  • Healing: Excellent graft healing and tissue incorporation1
  • Handling: Superb handling and host vessel conformability

[1] Becquemin JP, Riff Y, Kovarsky S, et al. Evaluation of a polyester collagen-coated heparin bonded vascular graft. J Cardiovasc Surg 1997 Feb;38(1):7-14.


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