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Our Arterial Cannulae are used to return oxygenated blood into the ascending aorta during cardiopulmonary bypass. They are made of biocompatible materials. Their smooth surface minimizes the risk of hemolysis. All cannulae are mainly flexible and transparent and have rigid tips. Most of them have a vent plug for de-airing of the cannula during the cannulation. A lot of them have a wire-reinforcement, which reduces the wall thickness and the risk of kinking, and a feature for suture fixation (ring or flange). Some cannulae have two longitudinal lines, which support the user at correct positioning of the cannula.

Connection 3/8"
Tip types Straight, Curved
Outer diameter 20 Fr (6.7 mm)
22 Fr (7.3 mm)
24 Fr (8.0 mm)
Reinforcement Wire-reinforced
Plug / Connectors Vent Plug, Connector, Luer-Lock
Positioning structures Ring, Flange, without
Length 23 cm

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