INTERGARD Heparin UltraThin is a unique polyester drug/device combination that provides an alternative for peripheral bypass procedures when saphenous vein is not available. INTERGARD Heparin grafts incorporate biologically active heparin on the fabric of the graft. A prospective, randomized clinical trial demonstrated significantly higher patency rates and significantly loweramputation rates than PTFE1.

The unique polyester knitted matrix creates a compliant vessel with exceptional handling and suturing characteristics, and outstanding anastomotic conformation. With a wall thickness of just 0.35 mm, the INTERGARD Heparin UltraThin is one of the thinnest peripheral vascular grafts on the market. The result is a highly compliant vascular graft that offers an improved alternative for periphera lvascular bypass procedures.

[1] Devine C, McCollum C; North West Femoro-Popliteal Trial Participants.Heparin-bonded Dacron or polytetrafluorethylene for femoropopliteal bypass: Five-year results of a prospective randomized multicenter clinical trial. J VascSurg. 2004 Nov;40(5):924-931.

  • Exceptional handling and suturing characteristics
  • Excellent host vessel conformability
  • No suture hole bleeding
  • Available with radial support

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