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IABP therapy helps the heart by increasing oxygen to the heart while decreasing its workload.

IABP Therapy: How it Works

Intra-Aortic Balloon Pump Therapy: How it Works

IABP Therapy: How it worksWhen your heart does not have enough oxygen due to blocked coronary arteries or other medical problems, it must work harder to provide oxygen to the body. Intra-aortic Balloon Pump therapy helps restore the balance between supply and demand for oxygen that is needed for the heart and other organs to function properly.

This therapy has two components. One is a thin balloon catheter that is positioned in your aorta after being introduced through an artery in the leg. The second is the pump itself. The pump continually inflates and deflates the balloon in sync with your heartbeat.

The Intra-aortic Balloon assists your heart during both its rest phase and work phase. In the rest phase of the heart, the balloon inflates, pushing more oxygen-rich blood to your coronary arteries. In the work phase of the heart, the balloon deflates, decreasing the blood pressure in the aorta, which makes it easier for the heart to eject blood. This takes the workload off the heart, allowing it to function more efficiently.