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Our Core Values

Getinge’s cultural values combine Passion with Collaboration, Openness, Excellence and Ownership. These values are needed to meet future challenges and requirements and to grow in new markets, among new customer groups and through new business models. Possibly the strongest feedback from employees in the organization was the passion for their work and the company. For this reason, passion is at the very core of the Group-wide values.

A commitment to people is central to all Getinge’s operations and also to the values. Getinge is an authority in the specialist field of medical devices and is committed to helping its customers save lives and guarantee excellent care.

The strong culture, values with people in mind, and Getinge’s operational results attract employees and contribute to the company retaining the best talent in all specialist areas.


Passion is the willingness to improve results for others.

Passion is central to Getinge’s core values. Employees of Getinge truly care for customers and the patients that they serve. Our passion is rooted in a desire to improve the health and wellbeing of others. Getinge makes a natural contribution by offering products and services that save lives, and also through its commitment to sustainability.


Collaboration is about working together to encourage positive results.

Open communication and shared best practices enhance collaboration. By sharing successful models, bridges are created between departments that unify internal work flows and reduce the number of times that the wheel has to be reinvented. Collaboration-oriented and considerate feedback from colleagues helps remove obstacles, enhances the efficiency of work and improves the outcome for customers and their patients.


Openness is the foundation of a feedback culture in which we listen to and respect each other's contribution.

Getinge strives to establish a culture of openness and feedback in which we listen to and respect each other’s contributions. The company supports transparent and honest communication from everyone, from new employees to the very highest management level. Confidence is created throughout the organization by being open to and providing feedback, thus fostering an environment of collaboration.


Excellence is an undertaking to ensure the best products, employees and processes.

Excellence is a cultural phenomenon based on leadership, mentorship, teamwork and processes that set the foundation for high quality, best-in-class products and services. It is based on a joint effort that cannot be achieved individually. Getinge welcomes new ideas and encourages mentoring and coaching for new employees. The company is investing in innovation, clinical evidence and strong relationships with key opinion-makers to identify as yet unsatisfied clinical requirements. To earn customer confidence as a market leader, Getinge must continuously strive to identify and invest in best practice in these areas.


Ownership is a proactive effort for making important decisions.

A chain is only as strong as its weakest link. Getinge nurtures a culture based on collaboration and openness. To succeed, every individual must take ownership of important decisions. Personal integrity, ethics and morale are important factors in all decisions that we make. Assuming responsibility ensures the best results for our customers and builds a strong culture.