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Maquet strives to create the ideal workflow and perfectly harmonized details to ensure the best in patient care. For this purpose, Maquet offers a complete MEDAP therapy accessories program consisting of: high-quality connection tubes in neutral color or ISO color coding; gas probes; plug-in ; and gas distributors suitable for innovative, medical gas extraction.

MEDAP connection tubes

Maquet offers a broad range of highest quality connection tubes that are especially designed for the supply of compressed air, vacuum, oxygen and nitrous oxide.

Connection tubes are available in several lengths and in neutral color coding or ISO color coding. They offer NIST screw connectors for compressed air, vacuum, oxygen and nitrous oxide with gas probes MEDAP, DIN, AGA, BOC and Air Liquide.

Adapter Couplings

Adapter couplings are designed to help whenever the gas probe does not fit into the outlet of the CSS. As transition piece between DIN and MEDAP, they ensure flexible application and quickly enable easy oxygen or compressed air extraction.

Gas Distributors

Gas distributors have the task to homogenously distribute the gas flow from the direct gas outlet at the CSS to the required number of gas outlets, all while keeping the developing loss of pressure as low as possible. Gas distributors for DIN and MEDAP system are perfectly suited for applications with a maximum flow of 30 l/min.

Gas Probes

Gas probes for gas outlets with MEDAP system or according to DIN 13260 convince by particularly high safety technology. Standard nipples guarantee confusion-free connection, and the built-in sinter filter avoids the penetration of dust particles in succeeding devices. In addition, all tube adapter - whether 6 mm or 8.6 mm diameter - have an outflow of 45 degrees. MEDAP gas probes are available for compressed air, vacuum, oxygen, nitrous oxide and carbon dioxide.

Gas Probes and Tubes for AGSS

There are also gas probes and tubes available for several AGSS standards.
Gas probes are available for the following AGSS standards:

  • Type C, MEDAP
  • Type E, according EN 737, part 2
  • Type EN, type 1 L, according EN 737, part 2 and part 4

Connection tubes for AGSS are available in several lengths for the following standards:

  • With shunt air opening
  • Without shunt air opening

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