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With the MECC SYSTEM, perfusion is going minimal. This compact and closed system comprising a minimized set of disposables and hardware – a truly integrated solution reduced to essential components.

The MECC philosophy is more than just shorter tubing. With isolated cardiotomy suction, the external venous reservoir eliminated and priming volume significantly reduced, MECC is a more atraumatic solution for the patient.

MECC’s compact and less invasive approach has opened the door for a closer cooperation between surgeon, perfusionist and anaesthesiologist resulting in optimized patient management.

This minimized perfusion approach has opened the door to new patient management.

The MECC SYSTEM includes the QUADROX-i Oxygenator with or without integrated filter, VBT Venous Bubble Trap, cannulae of choice, ROTAFLOW centrifugal pump RF-32, ROTAFLOW Console, ROTAFLOW Drive, ROTAFLOW Emergency Drive and holders. The system is BIOLINE Coated from tip to tip.

Technical Data

MECC SYSTEM Components
Priming volume Approx. 550 ml
Blood flow rate 0.5 - 7 l/min
QUADROX-i Adult Oxygenator
with / without integrated filter
Priming volume
335 ml / 215 ml 
Gas exchange surface area 1.8 m²
Heat exchange surface area 0.4 m²
ROTAFLOW Centrifugal Pump RF-32
Priming volume 32 ml
Surface area 190 cm²
QUART Arterial Filter
Filter pore size 40 μm
Filter surface area 570 cm²
Priming volume 180 ml
VBT Venous Bubble Trap
Maximum blood flow rate 7 l/min
Screen pore size
175 μm
Screen surface 35.5 cm²


How to order

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