The superb MAGNUS operating table system is the result of systematic improvements to offer the best support for the patient and surgical team. MAGNUS offers unique X-ray conditions and ensure clear access to the operating field.

With inclination angles of up to 80° and tilt angles of up to 45°, which can also be combined, MAGNUS enables extreme positioning possibilities. In addition to that the lifting range from 535 to 1235 mm (21 to 48.6 in) with the stationary column, accomplished the offerings and grants for an ergonomic workbench.

MAGNUS is also setting standards in stability. It bears patient weight up to 250kg (550 lbs) and in certain circumstances even up to 380kg (838 lbs).

Extreme flexibility and stability

MAGNUS OR table column enables extreme positions and optimum access. Its slope saddle technology allows for inclination angles up to 80° with simultaneous tilt angles of up to 45°. It ensures stable lateral tilt and provides optimum radioscopy conditions as well as free access to the surgical field, with a corresponding working radius.


Extreme modularity

Thanks to a wide variety of modules, the MAGNUS OR table system can be set up easily for all kinds of surgical interventions. Due to its extreme working radius, MAGNUS achieves a position where the patient is almost “floating", providing optimum radioscopy possibilities and free access to the surgical field from all directions.


Ergonomic working conditions

With its extreme height adjustment, MAGNUS contributes to relaxed working conditions while standing or sitting, even during longer operations.


Innovative transfer concept

Thanks to battery equipped transporter the patient can be arranged in treatment position in the induction area on the operating table top, and transferred directly into the OR.



The special cushioning can be removed without tools and is easy to clean and disinfect.




User-friendly control units

The hand control fitted with a display and self-explanatory icon keys. Up to ten different patient positions can be stored and recalled from the integrated program memory. The display, which is available in various language versions, provides useful status information and indicates possible operating faults. The backlit key panel ensures comfortable and safe working in a darkened operating theatre.

MAGNUS is made for perfect positioning

MAGNUS is suitable for all surgical interventions. Because of its perfect height adjustment, the operating table helps surgeons to relax during their work, whether sitting or standing. Wide adjustment ranges, especially for Trendelenburg and lateral tilt, simplify and optimize patient positioning.

Innovative positioning concept

The patient can already be positioned on the table top in the induction area. Thanks to battery equipped MAGNUS transporter the patient is transferred in treatment position on the table top directly from the induction area into the OR.

Interventions in the Hybrid OR

The MAGNUS carbon-fiber table top supports interventions in endovascular and cardiovascular surgery as well as in interventional radiology, orthopedics and traumatology. The table top provides 360° radiolucency and therefore gives optimum X-ray access. When deployed for interdisciplinary use, the diagnostic requirements of neurosurgery, orthopedics and traumatology are also covered. Available interfaces to common imaging partnes offer perfect synchronization with imaging equipment. For more information, please visit


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