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During extracorporeal circulation, our Arterial Perfusion Cannulae serve to recirculate the oxygenated blood via the ascending aorta.

The TRANSMINAR cannula represents the state of the art in arterial cannula research. Made of tissue-friendly and blood-compatible materials, it features line markings to facilitate positioning. The TRANSMINAR cannula comes with a fully transparent and high-strength tip; its ultra-thin walls make for a high degree of flexibility. Wire reinforcement reduces the risk of kinking. Excellent flow performance is ensured by the smooth inner wall, which extends along the entire length of the TRANSMINAR cannula, thus minimizing the risk of hemolysis. Our top product is the TRANSMINAR Arterial Cannula, which features excellent flow characteristics and optimum blood protection.

A range of tip forms, fixations and connections allow individual combinations, making TRANSMINAR the right cannula for every operation.

Strong but Flexible

The ultra-thin walls make for a flexible cannula, while wire reinforcement reduces the risk of kinking

Automatic Ventilation

A micropore vent plug is standard on all TRANSMINAR cannulae for convenient automatic ventilation

Excellent Flow Performance

A smooth inner wall minimizes the risk of hemolysis

Easy Positioning

Line markings facilitate positioning

Connection 3/8"
Tip types Straight, Curved
Outer diameter 20 Fr (6.7 mm)
22 Fr (7.3 mm)
24 Fr (8.0 mm)
Reinforcement Wire-reinforced
Plug / Connectors Vent Plug, Connector, Luer-Lock
Positioning structures Ring, Flange, without
Length 23 cm

How to order

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